MS Awareness Week

Every day this week, the MS trust will be releasing a new YouTube video starring a young person who has been affected by MS. This is all to help aid #MSAwarenessWeek and aims to highlight the condition to younger people. Over 70% of those with MS experience symptoms before the age of 20, so raising the awareness of this condition to younger people is critical.

Today’s video stars beauty vlogger Nic Haste, one half of YouTube makeup duo Pixiwoo. In the video she discusses her life and experiences with MS and offers advice to those out there who may have been recently diagnosed. You can watch the full video below:

Yesterday played host to Chloe, a young person living with MS, who got to quiz a neurologist on who gets MS and why. You can watch that video here.

If you want to keep up to date with each new video from the MS Trust this week, our blog will feature the new video every day, or you can head to MS Trust’s YouTube page for MS Awareness Week.



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