This year NHS England will be turning 70. Since it’s inception in 1948, after the Second World War, the NHS has provided healthcare to millions, if not billions, of those living in the UK. On Thursday 5th July 2018, the National Health Service will reach this huge milestone.

In celebration of this, talkhealth have pulled together some of the utterly staggering facts behind the NHS. Make sure you check out Twitter and Facebook, where we’ll be joining in the celebration of one of the cornerstones of the UK’s identity. So, without further ado, here’s some key facts behind the NHS:

    1. The NHS is one of the largest employers in the world, alongside the likes of the Chinese Liberation Army, the Indian Railways and Wal-Mart.
    2. The total annual attendances at England’s accident and emergency services departments was 23 million in 2016/17, almost 25% more than a decade earlier.
    3. NHS England treats over 1.4 million patients every 24 hours.
    4. There were 16 million hospital admissions in 2015/16, almost 30% more than a decade earlier.
    5. NHS England plans to spend £126 billion in 2018/19.
    6. There are more than 7,400 active GP practices across the country.
    7. As of March 2017, the NHS employed 106,430 doctors, 285,893 nurses and health visitors, 21,597 midwives and 132,673 scientific, therapeutic and technical staff.

If you want to learn more, take a look at the video below which explores how the NHS has changed and evolved over the last 70 years:



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