We’ve come to the end of another week and, as such, talkhealth will be looking through all the top news stories from the world of health. This week’s roundup includes new treatments and research, and overview of the summer months to come and a new revealing accounts of mental health problems. So, without further ado let’s take a look at the biggest news stories from this week.

New treatments and research

Scientists are set to trial a new blood test that can help identify whether a pregnant woman is likely to give birth prematurely.

The team, located at Stanford University, recently published their preliminary reviews which found that the blood test could be up to 80% accurate in high-risk women. The researchers claim that the new method is as accurate as ultra-sound scans in predicting a new-born’s due date.

Every year around 15 million babies are born too early (before 37 weeks), and the new research could help identify these issues early and allow doctors to put in the necessary steps to ensure a healthy birth. While there is still plenty more work that needs to be done prior to this method being used clinically, these preliminary results are highly promising.

Additionally, other research coming out of the US suggests that marijuana could be used to help cure and control eczema.

This is according to researchers based at the University of Colorado. The relief and treatment comes from the anti-itch effects of cannabis which could help minimise one of the most common attributes of the skin decision. Instead of being smoked, it is suggested that this would be applied topically, and wouldn’t involve getting the user “high”. The new topically applied treatment has been cleared by the World Health Organisation is promising, and this new treatment may provide a natural alternative to commonly used steroids.

Summer is here

The weather is certainly picking up, sunny days are just on the horizon. While we all love the sun, it is always worth remembering it comes with its own dangers and problems.

With pollen levels set to reach a seasonal high shortly, those suffering with hayfever may find their enjoyment of the sun curtailed. If you do suffer with hayfever, why not take a look at this helpful guide which includes a range of tips to help you reduce hayfever symptoms.

The sunny weather also brings the risk of skin cancer. Heightened exposure to sun runs this risk however, there are plenty of ways to help you reduce these risks. If you are worried about the chances of skin cancer, this rundown of top ways to prevent the condition is integral reading.

Finally, hot weather can make exercise and running the last thing you want to do. In this sweltering heat, it can be extremely uncomfortable and, in some cases, dangerous to get outside and keep fit. But the weather doesn’t have to stop your passion for running and exercise, and this guide from the Independent has some great advice to keep you running even during the heatwaves.

If you are looking for more health related tips and tricks, take a look at our pages on men’s health and women’s health.

Mental Health

Finally, we have some useful insights and accounts of people living with mental health problems.

First up is Wing-Sum Wong, who suffers with bipolar disorder. The financial worker goes in to great detail about living with the disorder in her column in the Telegraph and provides a huge insight into living with the condition on a day-to-day basis and her journey to date.

Alongside this, Tottenham and England defender, Danny Rose, has opened up about his battle with depression. The football star, who is set to line-up at this year’s World Cup in Russia has disclosed his illness in a frank interview which has appeared across multiple news outlets. Rose approaches his battle with injury, pressures and combat with racial abuse in connection with his battle with depression.

If you are struggling with mental health problems and you’re looking for further support, take a look at our mental health page.

And that rounds up this week’s biggest stories from the world of health. If you want to continue the conversation, head over to our forums.



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