Welcome to talkhealth’s weekly round-up of all the top news stories in the world of health. This week we’ll be covering a wide range of topics, including the current debate around medicinal cannabis, the expected rise in the number of cancer cases and the effects of poor mental health. So, let’s get right in to it.

Cannabis oil for medicinal purposes

Probably the biggest news story in the world of health this week is the rising campaign for the use of medicinal cannabis oil. According to The Independent, three-quarters of the British public believe that doctors should be able to prescribe cannabis for medicinal purposes, and this has led to a wider review to come from the government.

The long-standing debate stems from the fact that medical cannabis challenges scientific norms and the regulation of medicines. While cannabis has been proven to show general success with conditions such as seizures, wider proof of the drugs benefits for a range of conditions is still unverified.

Some success stories of cannabis with conditions such as anxiety have been touted, and some campaigners have set up companies that are already providing cannabis oil. However, there is clear proof of some of the risks associated to the use of the drug. With further reviews and research due to be conducted by the government, the campaign to use of cannabis oil for medicinal purposes is clearly gaining steam, and we are sure we’ll be hearing more about this over the coming months and years.

Rising cancer cases in older generation

A recent report has estimated that the number of cancer cases diagnosed each year in elderly people is set to rise by 80% over the next 20 years.

Leading cancer charity, Cancer Research UK, claims that by 2035 around 234,000 people over the age of 75 will be diagnosed with cancer each year. This is a sharp increase compared to the 130,000 yearly diagnoses now. This is largely led by the UK’s growing elderly population and the government has labelled cancer as a priority in light of these new statistics.

Developing cancer in older years is more common as the cells in our body often become damaged in older age. In addition to this, older people with cancer are more likely to have complex medical and social needs, which makes it harder to provide adequate support and treatment.

Earlier this week, the government announced a budget increase of £20bn by 2023 to help combat issues such as rising cancer numbers in the elderly, and it is hoped that this additional funding will help support an aging population and the issues that come alongside this.

Mental health and its impacts

A recent study has found that those suffering with mental health problems are more likely to find themselves in difficult struggles with debt.

The Institute of Fiscal Studies which conducted the report found that four out of ten people aged between 25 and 54 with a mental health problem were operating on an income with is less than 60% of the UK average. In many ways, these two issues end up circling one another, with lower incomes resulting in more day-to-day struggles which can contribute to poor mental health in individuals. Shockingly, 40% of people with mental health problems found themselves below the poverty line, and this issue needs to be tackled.

If you are struggling with your mental health, head over to our Men’s Health and Women’s Health sections of the website, where we provide further support and information.

Useful guides

Finally, rounding up this week’s rundown we have two useful guides to share with you.

The first guide comes from The Telegraph, which explores hair loss treatments. With many people living with hair loss, this condition can have a huge impact on an individual’s wellbeing and emotional health. The guide explores a range of different hair loss treatments and can advise which ones are likely to help combat the problems of hair loss.

Secondly, we have a guide from i news, which aims to help those of you struggling with sleep problems. The guide explores different ways to help bring your stress levels down and get your prepared for the perfect night’s sleep.

And that’s it for this week, be sure to join us next week for our round up of the biggest news stories in the world of health!



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