Everyone who has pimples on their face knows how overwhelming this state can be. Acne is not only a health issue, but it can also affect your confidence, because you are always worried about the way you look. There are days when you admire the glow on your face, but there are also days when acne is running across your face, and you simply do not know what treatment to use in order to get rid of it. If you watch TV then you may have noticed that different brands promote different products, but the fact is that not all of them are effective. There are some things you can do without seeing a doctor, and they will help you get the results that you want, and prevent experiencing acne in the future.

You should wash your face daily

It is not enough to wash your face only during morning, it is advisable to wash it twice a day if you suffer from acne. You should never go to sleep without taking off your makeup, because clogged pores lead to pimples. Identify the type of face you have and use a cleanser designed for your condition.

Sunscreen products are life

It does not matter if there is summer or winter, you should always wear sunscreen. During the hot season make sure you use a product with higher SPF. Your face can experience great damage because of sun rays, so make sure to protect it, especially if you are using acne products. Sunscreen products will block the harmful effects of the sun on your skin.

Have a healthy diet and drink water

If you want to get rid of pimples then your diet is one of the essential factors. Young people have the tendency to eat a lot of sugar, and sugar is one of the aliments that facilitates acne. You should try to lower the sugar amount from your diet if you want to have a clean face. Also, there are studies that show that dairy products can cause pimples, and you should switch to almond milk if you think this is the case for you.

Use Concentrated Hemp Oil

Acne is the result of multiple factors, and there are very few the cases when a dermatologist is able to tell you exactly what the cause in your case was. There can be bacteria, genetics, or oil secretion. Recent studies show that if you use Concentrated Hemp Oil you can reduce pimples. This oil has anti-inflammatory properties and it can reduce the sebum production. Ask your doctor how to use the oil, because it will definitely help you have a clean face.

Change your sheets often

Pillowcases and sheets can be one of the causes why you experience periodic pimples. They collect oil, and considering that you sleep many hours lying on them, your skin can become congested. If you want to prevent this issue you should change them often and try to lie on your back when you sleep. One strategy is to put a pillow under your knees, because it will prevent you during nighttime to turn on your side.


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