Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is among the most taboo subjects in our society. Yet it is an incredibly common occurrence, with an estimated 50% of men between the ages of 40 and 70 suffering and 1 in 10 of all men suffering.

ED can be an incredibly frustrating experience for both a man and his partner, so here’s a little guide to what could be causing it.

Bad habits
Both excessive drinking and smoking can cause ED. If either of these bad habits are a part of your life, they could be what’s behind your frustrations in the bedroom.

Blood pressure
If your blood pressure is high, this could be contributing towards your problems with ED. You could reduce your blood pressure with a few lifestyle changes like losing weight, eating more fruit and veg and less salt, exercising more, reducing your caffeine intake, and making sure you get enough sleep.

High cholesterol is another common cause of ED. It’s also likely to be caused by similar problems as high blood pressure, so make sure you’re a good weight, that you’re exercising regularly, and eating a healthy diet.

The mental causes
Both anxiety and depression are potential causes of ED and you might find that your doctor recommends cognitive behavioural therapy to help you with this.

If you think you are suffering with Erectile Dysfunction, make sure you visit your GP. At The Urology Foundation, we believe in breaking down the taboos surrounding urology diseases. Erectile Dysfunction is no different. ED is a problem for so many men and there is no reason to be ashamed.

Find out more about Erectile Dysfunction here.

If you have any questions about ED or any other men’s sexual health issue, you can ask an expert through this online clinic in Sept 2018.


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