This year’s National Eczema Week, which actually took place over nine days, comes to a close today, 25 September. However, as many people know all too well, eczema doesn’t just affect sufferers for one week per year.

talkhealth works with Epaderm to provide support to people suffering from eczema. According to the company’s recent survey, conducted with 1,000 British parents of eczema sufferers, parents will use 65 litres of emollient over the course of their child’s eczema. If that sounds like a lot that’s because it is – 65 litres is enough to paint a two-bedroom house twice over!

The research also revealed that three-quarters of parents don’t feel very confident about looking after their child’s eczema and over 90% of parents had sought further advice on managing eczema. It also stated that: “Health and parenting forums ranked as the most commonly used online resource (58%), more common than visiting a GP for advice (52%). Around the same number reported they use the NHS Choices website (50%) for eczema guidance.”

Thankfully, help is at hand all year round. Both our talkeczema forum and our support programme for eczema are open all hours, 52 weeks of the year. So, you don’t have to wait another 51 weeks to discuss the issues you care about or to gain valuable support from others in the community.

Hundreds of people have already aired their views and shared advice about a wide range of subjects on the forum, from dermatitis, flares and infections, to specialist treatments, through to research and surveys. There are thousands of posts so whatever information you or your friends and family might be looking for, someone is bound to have already talked about it on our discussion platform.

You can read more about the eczema research findings on Mölnlycke’s press release.



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