With the support of the British Skin Foundation (BSF), our October Ask the Expert session focused on the common skin disease of psoriasis. According to the BSF, psoriasis affects one in 50 people, and men and women in equal numbers.

Consultant dermatologists Dr Anton Alexandroff and Dr Adil Sheraz answered people’s questions on Thursday 18 October. However, members of the public could submit their questions for three days before the session, and all day on the date of the session itself.

This question & answer format is the same for all of talkhealth’s Ask the Expert sessions, which cover a wide range of chronic health conditions.

During the psoriasis session, Dr Alexandoff replied to questions about tattoos and the likelihood of picking up more coughs and colds when suffering from psoriasis. In response to one person, he listed available treatments – they include vitamin D, lotions, ointments, coal tar, light sources, oral treatments, injections and steroids. Dr Alexandroff also gave detailed advice to a 28-year-old lady who had been diagnosed with psoriasis at the age of three.

Dr Sheraz, meanwhile, covered queries about a knee replacement, the diagnosis of reactive perforating collagenosis, and an indent on a leg. Some of these questions may also be of concern to more people who are seeking guidance and support for their condition. So, if you’d like to read the above questions and answers to learn more about coping with psoriasis then visit the Ask the Expert – Psoriasis page.

Our forums

If you’d like to share your experiences of psoriasis or learn from others in similar situations, and perhaps pass on your tips and advice, then why not head over to our talkpsoriasis forum, which you can use every hour of the day all year round.

talkhealth‘s forums, including ones on acne, eczema and psoriasis skin conditions, so feel free to share them with anyone else you know who might want to discuss another condition.

Upcoming Ask the Expert sessions

The next Ask the Expert session on a skin condition will focus on eczema, and it opens on Monday 19 November, with experts answering your questions on Thursday 22 November. Take a look at it in advance here.

And next month’s Ask the Expert session on mental wellbeing addresses self-esteem. You can ask any questions you wish from Monday 12 November to the end of Thursday 15 November, and experts will answer your questions on this final day.




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