Our monthly series of mental wellbeing sessions continued on Thursday last week (11 October) when we focused on stress management. Jayne Ellis and Teyhou Smyth kindly returned to answer people’s questions on this very sensitive subject.

As usual with mental wellbeing, the questions our experts received were very wide-ranging, and it’s clear that lots of different experiences can cause people to feel stressed, anxious and sometimes depressed. Our experts replied to posts about work stress, stomach issues caused by stress, types of counselling for stress and anxiety, the increasingly common feeling of being overwhelmed, phobias, post traumatic stress and returning to a stressful job after maternity leave. One lady also said she was worried that her husband might have a relapse after recovering from a mental breakdown earlier this year.

Perhaps Teyhou’s answer to one particular question summed up the situation across the nation: “Stress is now considered an epidemic and none of us are immune. Stress is also universal – it hits all ages, races and cultures. Some of the outcomes of stress can be mildly annoying, while others can manifest into serious situations if unattended. Symptoms of stress can include physiological responses, mood dysregulation and even sleep issues.”

So, while it’s true that everybody’s experience around stress is unique, none of us should feel like we’re the only ones experiencing stress. Many of Jayne and Teyhou’s guidance to individuals could be useful to others, so it’s worth taking a look at what was discussed in the Ask the Expert – stress management session.

Remember that at any time you can share your feelings, write about your issues, and talk to other people going through similar experiences, in our talkmentalhealth forum .

Next month’s Ask the Expert mental wellbeing session is on self-esteem. It opens for questions on Monday 12 November, and Jayne and Teyhou will answer your questions on Thursday 15 November.

And talkhealth will soon be launching a Mental WellBeing support programme, providing dedicated information, sent to you by email in bite-size chunks. If you would like to register your interest please fill out our quick expression of interest form here.




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