With mental wellbeing and anxiety being such hot topics at talkhealth at the moment it’s no surprise that our Ask the Expert online clinic on these subjects last month was well attended. Here are talkhealth we never know what topics and questions will pop up, especially as anyone can post their questions up to three days before Ask the Expert actually opens.

As usual, our experts Jayne Ellis and Teyhou Smyth, kindly answered a wide range of questions from OCD to dentists to chronic pain and mental health. Anxiety, of course, was a major thread through many of the discussions on the day. More specifically, our subjects focusing on anxiety included  ‘anxiety after grief’, ‘anxiety after phobia’, ‘relationship anxiety’, ‘how to overcome social anxieties’, ‘anxiety related IBS’, ‘anxiety and herbal relief’ and ‘what home based solutions ease anxiety’.

I’m sure you’ll agree this is quite an assortment and just goes to show how many forms anxiety can take. For every person who posted such a question there are bound to be many more people who are also feeling anxious for the same reason.

Although everyone’s anxiety is naturally unique for them, the thoughtful guidance provided by our experts could well be helpful for other people – and the number of viewers of each Q&A seems to show this to be the case. So, even if you didn’t ask a question you might like to read some of the posts – they might just help you cope with an anxiety of your own.

You take a look at the Q&A if you wish.

talkhealth is hosting mental wellbeing Ask the Expert sessions once a month and our next one is Mental Wellbeing – Stress Management. Jayne and Teyhou will be answering your questions on Thursday 11 October but the clinic will be open from Monday 8 October for you to post your questions in advance.

And don’t forget that you can, of course discuss mental health issues at any time on our talkmentalhealth forum.



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