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Like many other eczema sufferers I have often visited my GP with irritated skin, often leaving their office with a prescription, whether it be bath creams, antibiotic creams or moisturising lotions. The one thing I had never left the GP’s office with is a referral to see a dermatologist…

Let me take you back to mid August. I developed a terrible infection on my entire back and I went to see a doctor who I had never seen before but he was the doctor with the next available appointment.

As all eczema sufferers might know sometimes with GPs you really need to pitch your problem when it comes to eczema because GPs, I feel, don’t have that much knowledge about skin conditions. Waiting outside the GP’s office I was gearing myself  up with a huge speech and I was going to be fierce and insist on a dermatology referral. So, I got in and I showed him my back and explained how difficult life was with eczema, and how looking after children is so hard with eczema on my hands and how I feel so upset all the time… his response was, “oh you can’t live like that, you need to see a dermatologist”. Well, I was certainly in shock, in my 32 years of having eczema I have never been offered a referral to any skin professional, so right at this moment I was certainly surprised.

Fast forward three months (there was a long dermatology waiting list) I revived my appointment and off I went. Now that day was a good day for me, my eczema didn’t look that bad. Funnily enough, whenever I go to see my GP I have to ensure my eczema looks really bad otherwise I don’t get any help and on this appointment day my skin was looking pretty ok compared to most days, so I was really worried thinking this is my one opportunity for someone to try and help me… anyway, off I went hoping for the best.

So I went in for my appointment once I was called by the nurse, first thing I said was, “you might think it’s strange I’m here because my skin doesn’t look that bad but this is a good day” but luckily enough this specialist took a look at my face and body and told me I had something called a dry infection all over my body (news too me!, what’s a dry infection, right??) Well, it’s a condition that causes cracks in the skin that turn into itchy, patchy skin. He prescribed me six weeks of oral steroids, antibiotic cream for my face, lotion to use and advice on bathing.

I’ve just started my medication, it’s been three days and my skin is already looking better for the first time, a lot less itchy and red, I’m really hopeful that this is the treatment I need. I’ll update my blog next week to let everyone know how I’m getting on. Fingers crossed this is a breakthrough for me. x

Rebecca Jaffri

My name is Rebecca and I have two daughters and I live in London. I am a World Vision Charity Ambassador and a volunteer at a local women’s charity. I worked for the NHS for nearly 10 years but decided to dedicate more time with my family to look after my children. I have had eczema since I was a child. With eczema I have faced many physical as well as mental difficulties. Having children has brought great new challenges with my eczema and every day can be a struggle. I’m passionate about raising awareness of life with eczema and looking forward to working within my community to share knowledge about skin health.

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