After an amazing summer of weather at talkhealth HQ, who would have believed it could continue into November?

Healthiest and unhealthiest high streets in the UK

The Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) has compiled a league table of British high streets based on how healthy they are and linked life expectancy to the results for each town. The fish-processing town of Grimsby won the unfortunate accolade of “unhealthiest” high street.

The Guardian was once again quick to publish a summary of the report, on 2 November. Its article said that, “The RSPH report said average life expectancy for people living with the top 10 healthiest high streets is two-and-a-half years longer than those in the 10 unhealthiest.”

The RSPH assessed high streets in the whole of the UK excluding London. It rated places as “healthy” if they have libraries and museums, pharmacies, dentists, opticians, leisure centres, and pubs and bars. Payday lenders, bookmakers, tanning salons and fast food outlets contributed to a place being rated as “unhealthy”. Edinburgh was named as the healthiest UK high street.

See the league tables and learn more on the Guardian Health pages.

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Men with paraplegia walk again

Three men with spinal injuries have started taking a few steps again with the help of walking aids, thanks to electrical stimulation of the spinal cord together with therapy. The story has been widely reported in many newspapers around the world, and you can read more in Medical News Today.

Half of A&E attendees for sports injuries are children

Analysis of NHS data has revealed that half of all sports-related visits to the A&E are by under-19s. The BBC has written that the researchers found that “football, rugby union and rugby league were linked to the most injuries in boys. For girls, it was trampolining, netball and horse-riding.”

The most likely children to be injured while playing sport are buys aged 14 and girls aged 12, according to the study.

Find out more on the BBC website.

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NHS faces ticking time bomb in diabetes growth

The Guardian reported on its health roundtable event with the headline “Diabetes: a ‘ticking time bomb’ for the NHS”.

Experts who attended the discussions believe that “rising numbers of people with diabetes and a lack of specialist staff and adequate training are creating a ticking time bomb”, writes the newspaper.

“There’s a recognition that GPs should be primarily responsible for caring for people with diabetes, but GPs are under incredible pressure with their workload,” said Dr Emma Wilmot, a consultant diabetologist at Derby teaching hospitals NHS foundation trust. “There are huge challenges.”

See the Guardian for more on this story.


News from talkhealth

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