Our recent Online Clinic on Prostate & Testicular Health (5-16 November), supported by iMEDicare Ltd., Bladder & Bowel UK and The Urology Foundation, proved to be extremely valuable for a number of people who posted their questions anonymously.

Understandably though, not everyone is comfortable submitting questions about their personal health online even if they are anonymous, and so occasionally family members submit the questions on their behalf. One lady asked a question about her husband’s “completely hard” testicle. “Being a man he’s just brushed it aside but I’m worried that this could be something more sinister. Should I be worried or is this something that will go away with time?”

Consultant urologist Jonathan Makaniuola replied: “I suggest he goes to see your GP and requests an urgent ultrasound of the scrotum. It could be due to infection, but will need to make sure it’s not other causes like cancer. Get an appointment ASAP for him to see his GP to be examined and then an ultrasound.” Jonathan’s advice also applied to a gentleman who say he experienced constant pain in a testicle.

Another man reported their scrotum as “swollen and painful”. Dr Jon Rees gave similar advice: “I would usually want to examine you and probably arrange a scrotal / testicular ultrasound scan.” So if you’re experiencing any of these problems, please see your GP as soon as possible.

Among other questions was one about a catheter causing someone a lot of distress, and then being advised to have their prostate shaved. And another was about whether the heat treatment for benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) is effective. Clinic participants also asked about brachytherapy, the frequency of a prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test, and if prostate cancer is genetic. You can read our experts’ answers to these questions by following the link below.

Thanks to our excellent panel of experts for answering everybody’s questions during the two-week clinic: Dr John Rees, Dr Prasanna Sooriakumaran, consultant urologists Benjamin J Challacombe and Jonathan Makanjuola, and advanced nurse practitioner Roger Wheelwright.

If you wish, you can read more notes about this clinic in the blog post ‘Our Prostate & Testicular Health Online Clinic remains open for your questions.’

Although the clinic is now closed, all the questions and answers are still available to read. They might help you so why not take a look at them on the Prostate & Testicular Health Online Clinic page.

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