Walking in the great British countryside can be one of the most relaxing and refreshing ways anyone can spend their free time. A little gentle exercise, fresh air and – in many places, wonderful views – are all well known to help people improve their mental and physical health.

Without the need for any specialist equipment, it’s so easy just to get out there and tread favourite footpaths or explore new areas. All for free. What’s more, walking doesn’t have to be a lonely pastime. One can take a stroll with friends to talk about their week or meet up with members of the family to have a good catch-up. Or, perhaps, take the dog out – any walk outside is good for the spirit.

In Britain, we’re very lucky to have access to so many parts of the country to walk in. There are tens of thousands of miles of paths crisscrossing the land. This is largely thanks to a passionate and determined campaign held back in the 1930s by a group today known as the Ramblers. Now a registered charity, the Ramblers’ five main aims are to promote walking, safeguard paths, increase access for walkers, protect the countryside and educate the public.

The Ramblers also offer free organised walks for all abilities all around the country. What better way to meet new people and get fit at the same time?

So if you fancy a walk, visit the Ramblers’ Go Walking page to find a suitable route for you. On here you can enter your postcode to see what organised walks are available where you live, what routes there are and look for any upcoming walking events.




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