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Wellbeing. A phrase so often on the lips and in the headlines that like saying cauliflower a hundred times in a row it has started to lose all sense and meaning. However, unlike the unusual practice of naming vegetables endlessly what underpins the why and what of wellbeing is common sense, life can be better if you feel good.

At talkhealth our whole ‘deal’ is that we are trying to help you, our community, get answers to everyday health questions, access support if you need it and fundamentally increase your level of wellbeing, be it mental or physical, and from our continued growth we like to think we’re helping people make a difference to their health. However, for many people, the nature of their jobs is such that they don’t have the time or capacity to get to a GP or if they do the impact it has on their team for the days that they are out of action can have a far reaching knock-on effect.

What we’ve noticed increasingly is how many industry sectors are working in pressured areas, one of the most visible, of course, is the world of education – pressure, workload, stress, anxiety is the tip of the iceberg and the stats themselves make for worrying reading.

Of newly qualified teachers nearly half leave the profession within the first 5 years and as many as 72% of all teachers have considered quitting, citing workload and stress as being the major factors. Now, no programme can reduce workload, but when that workload causes stress, poor eating habits and so on, leading to poor health outcomes that is something we at talkhealth can help with, and have to.

The pressure on this sector is worse than it has ever been and following on from some successful trial schools, coming in early January we will be rolling out nationwide our new support programme aimed squarely at those working in the education arena. If this is something of interest to you either as a teacher, support staff, governor or invested parent keep your eyes peeled in January for more details and if you’d like more information sooner, just email me, Edd Williams, our Educational Wellbeing Lead, directly for a brochure and informal chat, and I’d be very happy to speak with you.



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