This week in health – 18 January 2019.

This week we look at diet, portion size, research into concussion with premiership footballers, and teenage cancer and more. A snapshot of some of the key stories in health can be found below.

What’s the correct portion size?

The British Nutrition Foundation have compiled a new guide, based on studying portion sizes.

They have looked at global portions and at what is available in the supermarkets in the UK. The guide enables you to measure your portion size using your hands, thumbs and fists instead of scales.

portion size, British Nutrition Foundation, healthier portions

It’s hoped that the new guide will lead us all to have better portion control. And, it could also help save us money and create less food waste.

Read more about correct portion sizes on the British Nutrition Foundation website.

What do you think?

Is this an easier way to make sure we eat less and eat well?

Sandwich carers completely undervalued

Carers looking after both children and their parents are in need of emotional support say researchers.

A report compiled from research undertaken by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) says more than 1/4 of sandwich carers are suffering from depression or stress.

Read more about the need for emotional support for sandwich carers here

What’s the right age to lose your virginity?

One of the biggest regrets of many young people is having sex too soon according to a recent survey.  More than 1/3 of women and 1/4 of men in their teens and early 20s say it didn’t feel like the right time when they first had sex.

Read more about sexual attitudes and the research about having sex too young here

Survival rates for teenagers with cancer are increasing

According to a report compiled by Teenage Cancer Trust and Public Health England, survival rates for teenagers living with cancer are improving; in particular those living with leukaemia and bone cancer.

Find out more about survival rates for teenages with cancer here

The diet that saves lives and feeds 10 billion

Scientists have been trying to work out how to feed billions more people over the coming decades. And they’ve come up with a diet they say will do just that and at the same time won’t damage the planet.

The diet is called The Planetary Health Diet and limits meat and dairy, whilst recommending we increase our protein intake. And this is a huge shift in thinking.

To find out more about the Planetary Health Diet, follow this link

Premier league footballers take part in new concussion study

University of Birmingham medics are conducting a new study into concussion on the pitch. Saliva and urine samples are being taken from players sustaining head injuries and uninjured ‘control’ players by club doctors after matches.

“Having a black and white test that gives you a clear answer that’s understandable to everyone – medical staff, players, coaches – is the holy grail,” Dr Patrick O’Halloran, sports concussion research fellow at the University of Birmingham and academy doctor at Wolves, told BBC Sport.

For more information about the concussion story follow this link



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