11 January 2019 – this week in health

Each week, we look at the key health news. Below are just some of the health stories for this week. Find out quickly about the NHS long-term plan, HRT, mental health, asthma and pollution, nutrition & more!

NHS long-term plan announced

NHS leaders believe the new 10 year plan could save 500,000 lives. This would be achieved by focusing on prevention and early detection of diseases.

However, unions have voiced their concerns around staffing shortages they say could undermine the NHS ambitions, given that one in 11 posts are currently vacant.

What do you think about the new 10 year plan? You can read more about the NHS 10 year plan here

Some HRT tablets could increase the risk of blood clots

Although the risk is low, the BMJ have issued a warning that some types of Hormone Replacement Therapy tablets (HRT) could increase the risk of blood clots. You can read more about the risks of some HRT tablets here. And find out more about HRT here. Are you on HRT and concerned about the latest findings? Tell us what you think.

Mental health patients missing appointments are at risk

Mental health patients missing appointments are at risk

The University of Glasgow has published findings of a study based on almost 300,000 mental health patients. The study was carried out in Scotland over 3 years from 2013. It suggests that patients who miss two or more GP appointments within a year are 8 times more likely to die in the following 18 months compared to those who miss no appointments. You can read more about the consequences of missed mental health appointments here

Many children and young people not being offered treatment for mental health problems

Mental health services have come under attack again in new research. Only 1/3 of children and young people with mental health conditions are receiving the treatment they need. Many are just being turned away as they are deemed not ill enough. Many face long waits for appointments. A report has found that it could be years before things change. Read more about young people and mental health treatment.

At talkhealth we offer the opportunity for you to talk to mental health experts. Find out more about our Ask the Expert clinics on mental health here.

The next Ask the Expert opens on Monday 14 January and is about children and addiction

Permission granted for new inquest over pollution death

Permission by the government’s chief lawyer has been given for a new inquest into the death of a 9 year old girl who died from asthma. Ella Kissi-Debrah died almost 6 years ago in 2013.

Permission granted for new inquest over pollution death

Ella lived in south London,  only 80 feet from the South Circular road. This road is well known as a pollution hotspot. Ella’s mother wants to get to the bottom of the health impact of air pollution on young people. You can read more about Ella’s story here

Do you have asthma and live close to a busy polluted road? Do you worry about the impact of pollution on yourself and your family? Tell us what you think below.

90% of us are not eating the right life-saving food

90% are not eating enough fibre

According to researchers at the University of Otago in New Zealand, and the University of Dundee, we are not eating enough fibre.

The recommended fibre per day is 25g but most of us are barely managing to eat even 20g according to the research. Read more about what you should be eating to get enough fibre.  Do you struggle to eat fibre every day? Will this latest research make you re-evaluate your diet?

Please do comment below about any of the health stories this week. We’d love to hear your thoughts and views.

In the meantime, have a great weekend!



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