Are you aware the NHS might stop prescribing certain treatments for eczema and other chronic conditions?

We are interested to understand what you think about the proposed changes and the impact this could have on you, as either a patient or carer.

Proposed cuts for eczema treatments

Do you use silk garments or bath/shower additives to treat your eczema or that of someone you care for?

If, in the future, you are unable to get these products on prescription, what will this mean for you? Will you buy them over-the-counter or would the cost mean you’d stop using them? If you stop using them, what impact do think this will have for you or someone you care for.

Take action NOW

Read more about the NHS consultation and the list of 18 products to be cut here. There is also a easy-read guide here.

Tell us what you think so we can tell the NHS at the face to face consultation meeting on 5 February 2019.

You can tell NHS directly what you think of the proposed  prescription cuts by completing a form online. The proposed cuts also cover other treatments that you may need.

Read the National Eczema Society’s viewpoint here which includes a guide on how to respond to the consultation. 



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