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I hope all is well and everyone is recovering from the busy festive fun. I would like to give a quick update on my medication which was prescribed by my dermatologist. Well, I really struggled with the steroids they made me feel short of breath and uncomfortable. My GP was concerned and sent me to A&E for a check up as blood clots are not totally uncommon when taking steroids she said. A&E confirmed everything was fine with a scan of my chest. The creams I was given have worked well, the antibiotic cream ( which all skin condition sufferes are often prescribed, nothing new!) with some diprobase cream. I was told to use the diprobase cream three times a day and it honestly has worked well. Iv now finished the course of all meds and my skin is a lot better. It still gets itchy but it doesn’t seem to get to the point of my skin breaking. 

The dermatologist said the effects of the meds should last about a year. I believe that nothing will cure my skin but I certainly needed help! Which I got and I can’t complain, my skin is a lot better. I just wished I was referred to a dermatologist years ago. Please! For those suffering with skin conditions  insist on a dermatology referral, it’s really helped me. GPs do not always have the answers, dermatologists are trained skin professionals that are equipped to advise us and give 1:1 support according to the individuals needs.

Moving forward, my local council have agreed the community group I founded called MySkin Society. The organisation is underdevelopment and I am seeking fellow skin condition sufferes to join the team. I look forward to seeing how this develops and how it will help people. My main aim is to build a bridge between the patient and GP as I feel people with skin conditions are not totally understood.

Thank you for reading my blog, and please watch out for my next post! X



Rebecca Jaffri

My name is Rebecca and I have two daughters and I live in London. I am a World Vision Charity Ambassador and a volunteer at a local women’s charity. I worked for the NHS for nearly 10 years but decided to dedicate more time with my family to look after my children. I have had eczema since I was a child. With eczema I have faced many physical as well as mental difficulties. Having children has brought great new challenges with my eczema and every day can be a struggle. I’m passionate about raising awareness of life with eczema and looking forward to working within my community to share knowledge about skin health.

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