This week in health (8 February 2019) some of the key stories are summarised below. And to help with your overall health and well-being, we’ve launched mywellbeing this week – a FREE support programme for anyone wanting to improve their physical and mental well-being.

100 genes linked to depression, say scientists

An international study led by Edinburgh University has found there are 100 genes linked to depression. The study followed 2 million people in 20 different countries.

Scientists discovered variations in genes that affected nerve connections in the parts of the brain controlling personality and decision making. What they also found was that the more variations in genes, the more likely they were to suffer with depression.

Read more about depression associated with genes here

Meat – which countries eat the most?

In a bid to be healthier or to in the interests of animal welfare, many of us vow to cut down on or cut meat out of our diet.  But with rising incomes across the globe, the consumption of meat has increased.

The Caribbean, Oceania and Africa have seen some of the biggest increases in meat consumption over the last 50+ years. Increases are also connected to the growth in the world population.

The US and Australia topped the tables for meat consumption.

Read more about which countries eat the most meat here

New guidance – mobile phones and children

England’s Chief Medical Officer recommends that mobile phones should be banned from the dinner table in exchange for talking as a family. This is particularly important for child development.  Parents are being advised to make sure their children keep screens out of their bedroom at bedtime.

Read more about the new mobile phone guidance for children by England’s Chief Medical Officer

talkhealth launches its FREE mywellbeing support programme

On the theme of mobile phones, talkhealth has launched mywellbeing this week, a support to help you make small changes to your physical and mental well-being that can make a big difference to your health. It’s FREE to join and provides 19 weeks packed full of information including digital detox!

Sign up now and start improving your health and well-being.

Carers quitting jobs to care for family members 

According to Carers UK, around 600 people per day are quitting their jobs to look after a family member. 15% of the UK’s population are now working and caring.

You can read the report about carers quitting their jobs to look after family here

Thank you for reading our health round-up for this week. We hope you have a happy and healthy weekend!



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