I’m the girl on Instagram showing my ‘best life’. I like to show off my love for fashion and life in general through pictures! This is the superficial me, I portray on my socials. Every since having IBS (c), I have gained a significant amount of weight. Though being a health-conscious vegan, I was still 140 pounds at 5’3. This was not at all my comfortable weight. I tried to still be me on my Instagram but my weight issues were holding me back. I was falling into unhealthy eating patterns from my “unexplained,” weight gain at the time. I gained weight from IBS trigger foods. I was eating them but I did not know they were harming me. Some of these foods did not even hurt my stomach but caused me to bloat! I was retaining water from these foods and caused me to gain weight. Now, I have lost a good portion of my inflammation/weight and feel more comfortable in my own skin. How did I cope with the extra weight?

Knowing my self worth

Yes, this is cliche. Sadly social media likes to engulf you into thinking you aren’t popular or cute if you do not have so and so. I am short and was puffy… That in my mind, it wasn’t what dancers should look like. But one day, I decide that this body will not remain in a singular state. I will find relief. (I did!) Learning to love yourself is such a simple concept but extremely difficult.

Be mindful

Be mindful of yourself. Be less judgemental. Be aware of your body, changes, and flare symptoms. Write them down if you need to. Though you can’t control your symptoms or if you lose or gain weight, you can plant positive thoughts in your mind.

Wear what you want!

This is something I still struggle with being a dancer. I would wear cover-ups over my leotard to hide my bloating… but guess what?! It is okay to be bloated! Wear those tight pants or crop tops. Or wear those sweats to feel more comfortable. You run this fashion show!

Once you have a positive mindset about your body, try adjusting your diet

You should never start a diet change if you feel negative about your body. Your body and mind coexist with each other. Have a meaningful talk with your GI doctor about your weight concerns. Suggest getting allergy tested, SIBO tested, and nature detox supplements. These things have helped me a lot, although everyone is different. Going to a naturopathic doctor would provide most of these requests. *if you think your weight gain/loss is more serious, get your thyroid tested!*

do’s for reducing bloating, constipation, and gas pain

  • Do not eat trigger foods (duh)
  • Stay hydrated, especially once you wake up
  • Move your body (it hurts but this helps a lot for me)
  • Ginger root tea is a great anti-bloat drink
  • Be mindful when chewing/drinking

All in all, dealing with IBS weight issues can be troublesome. But hopefully, through these simple tips, you can be more comfortable and confident in your body.


Laura Gamble

My name is Laura Gamble and I enjoy dancing, hiking, and making healthy food. But, my “friend” of about two years, IBS (c), has held me back sometimes. At the prime age of 17, I have gone through countless, treatment plans, ER trips, doctors appointments, claimed “IBS miracle diets”, and battled with mental health issues sourced from my IBS. Despite all of my hardships, I have figured out what works the best for me physically and mentally. Though IBS is claimed to have 200000 cases in the US alone, there needs to be more advocacy and places for people to turn to when in need. My goal is to share my story, my IBS hacks, and full support to teens and adults experiencing similar issues.