Have you missed the latest news this week (5th April?) Don’t worry, we’ve summarised the key stories for you below.

The diets cutting 1 in 5 lives short

A recent, influential study shows how the

food we eat is putting 11 million of us into an early grave each year. Among the worst diets, people who ate too much salt, too few whole grains and too little fruit were most at risk of early death.

Researchers say the study is not about obesity but highlights that poor quality diets are damaging hearts and causing cancer.

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Are parents being misled by kids’ snack labels?

The University of Glasgow researchers have looked into seemingly healthy children’s snacks sold in shops and found some snacks labelled as containing one portion of fruit or veg did not live up to the claim.

Doctors and scientists are urging for stricter regulation, given the current levels of childhood obesity.

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Zebrafish could help cure Parkinson’s disease 

Scientists believe zebrafish hold important clues when looking for potential new treatments for Parkinson’s disease. Research led by Edinburgh University has found key brain cells that are damaged in people with the neurological condition could be regenerated.

They discovered that zebrafish have dopamine-producing nerve cells, which are constantly replaced by stem cells in the brain.

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One drink a day increases the risk of a stroke

A study from Oxford University, Peking University and the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences has found that drinking one to two alcoholic drinks every day can increase stroke risk by 10-15%.

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