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Why dog owners should learn first aid

For many people, their dog truly is their most loyal companion and best friend.

As a dog owner, you are fully responsible for the health of your furry friend, just as you are responsible for a child in your care. Despite this, many owners would struggle to help in an accident or emergency.

Dogs suffer from a range of illnesses

Dogs are susceptible to many of the serious health conditions which affect humans too; poisoning, strokes, heart attacks, broken bones and strains, fatigue, organ failure, arthritis and many more.

Dogs won’t necessarily communicate their malady

That’s where a First Aid for Dogs course becomes invaluable. It gives dog owners a real insight into what’s going on with their dog, helping them know when they can do something to help – and when they really need medical intervention. Courses will teach participants how to care for an unconscious dog, as well as all about commonly occurring injuries and illnesses including choking, bleeding, drowning, fitting, poisoning and much more. But more than offering purely practical advice, these courses also empower dog owners with the confidence to be able to act quickly in a medical emergency.

But it’s not just about dog owners. If you work in the industry as a dog-walker or groomer, this is a great way to demonstrate your knowledge and skills in dog first aid to enhance your authority and encourage new and potential clients to feel confident trusting their pets to your care.

Speaking about a course they undertook, the dog walking company The Dogfather said “We booked a dog first aid course for 12 of the team who walk, board and care for dogs. It adds extra confidence to the team, our clients and our dogs. I would highly recommend the course to any dog owner or dog caring professional”.

At First Aid for Pets, we’ve been able to help thousands of dog owners learn the basics – and we’ve had fantastic feedback, detailing just how life saving some of this advice has been. Our YouTube channel has a wealth of videos about how to care for your dog, with out ‘how to help a choking dog’ video being watched almost 240,000 times. The comments we get are wonderful and none better than those saying that our detailed instruction helped them save their dogs life. What could be better than that?

Our next course on First Aid for Dogs is taking place on Saturday 11 May in our Balham training rooms.








Written by Emma Hammett, CEO of First Aid for Pets and First Aid for Life
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Emma Hammett

Emma Hammett is a qualified nurse, author and first aid trainer with over 30 years’ healthcare and teaching experience. Emma is the Founder of three multi-award-winning businesses; First Aid for Life, Onlinefirstaid.com, First Aid for Pets and her social cause StaySafe.support. She has published multiple books and is an acknowledged first aid expert and authority on accident prevention, health and first aid. Emma writes for numerous online and print publications and regularly features in the press, on the radio and on TV. She is the first aid expert for the British Dental Journal, British Journal of School Nursing, the Mail online and Talk Radio with Eamonn Holmes. She is a member of the Guild of Health Writers and Guild of Nurses.

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