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Will this arthritis joint pill cut heart attack risk by a fifth?

A pill for arthritis can cut the risk of a heart attack or stroke by a fifth and it only costs 10p, scientists say. Glucosamine, produced naturally by the body in the cartilage between the joints is currently used by millions of people to ease joint pain.

A study of one million British patients found that regular users are 22% less likely to die from cardiovascular disease.

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Can these cancer breakthrough treatments target drug resistance?

The world’s first drugs designed to stop cancer cells becoming resistant to treatment could be available within the next 10 years, after a £75m investment has been announced by the Institute of Cancer Research (ICR).

Currently, the biggest challenge in treatment is cancer’s ability to adapt to drugs and this new research could make cancer manageable and often more curable in the long term.

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Is healthy living the best way to hold off dementia?

According to the World Health Organization, lifestyle factors such as physical inactivity, smoking, poor diet and excessive drinking can significantly increase the risk of dementia. So, taking better care of ourselves could be the most effective long-term strategy to avoid the growing problem of dementia.

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Should the NHS stop prescribing this acne drug?

NHS acne drug

Parents are asking the NHS to stop prescribing acne drug
Roaccutane. This comes after young people have killed themselves and patients have reported being unable to have sex after taking the drug. Roaccutane, the brand name that the drug isotretinoin is most commonly marketed as is currently used by about 30,000 people in the UK each year.

The NHS has acknowledged these claims but suggests it is only recommended for severe cases of acne that haven’t responded to other treatments and recommends that if people are experiencing these emotions and suicidal thoughts, to contact your GP.

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Why are UK Professionals reluctant to use company mental health support?

Morgan McKinley’s Mental Health in the Workplace survey of 1,100 UK employees has revealed that employees are unlikely to seek mental health support in the workplace, despite 98% of respondents believing that mental health problems negatively impact productivity at work.

The survey also found that over a third claim their employer doesn’t offer any formal mental health, support and a further third were unaware of any support available at work.

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