As the working week comes to an end and the sun appears to be shining again, here is your latest health news roundup for the week of 17 June.

Should we be working eight hours a week to reduce mental health issues?

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New research has highlighted that risks of mental health issues dropped by 30% when people in a recent study returned to work after unemployment or being a stay at home parent. However, researchers at both the University of Cambridge and Salford found there was no evidence that working any more than eight hours provides any boosts to well-being.

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Is a 10-hour long working day increasing our chances of a stroke?

In a similar French study, researchers looked at the impact of working 10 hour days on cardiovascular health found that people who said they worked 10 hours or more for at least 50 days a year were around 29 per cent more likely to have a stroke. It also found Britons have the longest working hours in Europe.

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Who can you trust for health advice?

A Wellcome Trust survey has found that in the UK, 90% of people would trust a doctor or nurse for health advice over any other source. The survey said age and gender had no effect on the results, neither had the rise of the internet or social media health influencers. The most common alternative was friends and family.

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Are women aware of the link between breast cancer and wine?

A recent study published has highlighted that only one in five women attending a breast cancer clinic knew that alcohol consumption was a risk factor. Under a third of women in the group were aware that being obese increased breast cancer risk, and half knew smoking was another risk factor. But only 16% of women knew that alcohol is a risk.

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Are we putting our health at risk by not warming up before a run?

Amir Qureshi, a leading Consultant Knee and Limb Reconstruction Surgeon at University Hospital Southampton, has warned of the dangers of failing to warm up before running. We have posted a blog post about this and you can find out more about the risks and also how to warm-up and cool down effectively.

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