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Can a workout improve your skin condition?

Have you been struggling to make it to the gym? This new research could give you the motivation you’ve been looking for. Exercise keeps our bodies in shape and our well-being in the green.

It can also affect the state of our skin, reveals research from Swedish beauty and tech brand Foreo. From rosacea to acne, Shannon Lawlor reveals which exercises are best for which skin condition.

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Having a regular sleep pattern can keep metabolic syndrome at bay

Having a regular sleep schedule could be protective of metabolic health. A new study has shown that when a person has a regular pattern of going to bed and waking up, there is a lower chance of developing risk factors that make up metabolic syndrome.

Risk factors include; high blood pressure, obesity, and high cholesterol. The researchers in the latest study looked at the relationship between variability of sleep pattern and the development of metabolic risk factors in 2,003 people aged between 45 and 84 years old.

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Are we more constipated than we think?

Researchers have stated that Doctors and the public are at odds over the symptoms of constipation, leaving some people without the advice or treatment they need. A recent study found that medics believe infrequent bowel movements are an important sign whereas less than a third of the public does. The King’s College London team said a new definition for constipation was needed, based on the experiences of patients.

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Should we be exercising during lunchtime?

Employers should encourage staff to exercise at lunchtime – as health officials say it will benefit them and their workforce too. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence has issued guidance on how to get Britons fitter and leaner, saying an active lifestyle boosts physical and mental health – and can cut down on sick days caused by illness, stress, depression and anxiety.

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