We hope you enjoyed the hot weather this week and managed to stay safe in the sun. Here are our top health stories for this week.

Are supermarkets designed to make us fat?

The Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) has claimed that supermarkets showcase unhealthy foods, following a recent study that found that nine in ten products on display at eye level were unhealthy. It suggests that sweets, crisps and other unhealthy foods on offer were placed far more prominently, making it harder for shoppers to resist.

Since this study, the UK’s first supermarket designed by public health experts has launched in Central London, showcasing healthier options.

Read more about the study and find out more about the new supermarket.

Have you missed out on a baby health visit?

The NSPCC has reported that about one in four new parents in England aren’t seeing a health visitor when their baby turns one. As a result, they are increasing their risk of mental health problems going unnoticed.

The government has promised five home visits for every family between pregnancy and the age the child turns two, but the charity has said that local authority budgets and fewer health visitors in each area are having a negative impact on this.

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Can early MS scans predict long-term prognosis?

A new study has shown that scans carried out when someone is first diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) can predict their long-term prognosis.

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans, which are already a key part of diagnosing and managing MS, can also help predict future disability according to a 15-year study. The MS Society said that more information would help patients’ treatment choices.

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Can nuts improve your sex drive?

Scientists have discovered that eating some nuts on a regular basis could have a benefit on your sex life. Spanish researchers analysed a group of couples to see what happened to their sex lives when they ate 60 grams of nuts every day.

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