If you’ve missed the latest health news from the week beginning 29th July, catch up now in our roundup.

Butter, red meat & cheese increase heart attack & stroke risks

Too much butter, red meat and cheese are actually bad for you, experts warn. The Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition says eating high levels of saturated fat is risky and people should opt for unsaturated oils, such as avocado, olive oil and fish, such as salmon and mackerel instead.

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Birth rates reach record low

Official figures show that the birth rate in England and Wales has fallen to its lowest point in at least 80 years. The Office for National Statistics said that falling fertility rates in women under 40 was a factor. The stillbirth rate also reached a new low.

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A blood test can predict if breast cancer will come back

A recent trial involving 144 British patients suggests that new blood tests can predict if breast cancer will return and help doctors treat it sooner. Study chief Professor Nicholas Turner, of The Institute of Cancer Research in London, said: “These new blood tests can work out which patients are at risk of relapse much more accurately than we have done before, identifying the earliest signs almost a year before the patient will clinically relapse.

“We hope that by ­identifying it much earlier we will be able to treat it much more effectively than we can do now, perhaps even prevent some from relapsing.”

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Daily aspirin can prevent bowel cancer for those with Lynch syndrome

The NHS Watchdog has suggested that aspirin could prevent those with Lynch syndrome and at high risk of bowel cancer, the fourth most common cancer in the UK. People with Lynch syndrome have an increased lifetime risk of developing bowel cancer to up to 80%.

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