Welcome to this week’s healthcare roundup for 26 – 30th September.

Menopause HRT increases risk of breast cancer

Researches from Oxford University have found that Menopausal Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) could increase the risk of cancer, even after a decade of treatment.

The study showed that 8.3% of women who take oestrogen plus daily progestogen (the therapy with the greatest dangers) then develop breast cancer aged 50-69, compared to 6.3% of women who haven’t used it. This equates to 83,000 women having breast cancer out of one million in the UK using the treatment.

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Minister commits to paying patient advocates for their time and work

Patient advocates who give up their own time to campaign for better health outcomes are soon to be rewarded for their work, with Health Minister Simon Harris intending to roll out a payments plan for those that give up their personal time.

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More women cancelling social events due to lack of confidence

According to a poll for Gillette Venus, a third of women have cancelled social events such as a night out with friends due to lack of confidence. One in ten skipped work and 12% backed out of dates.

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Smokers in England smoking 1.5bn fewer cigarettes a year

Cancer Research UK has found that people are smoking 1.5bn fewer cigarettes a year than previously. The study found that average cigarette consumption fell by nearly a quarter between 2011 and 2018, with 118m fewer cigarettes smoked each month.

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UK healthcare spend is second-lowest in the list of worldwide countries

The UK has the second-lowest healthcare spend per person compared to other countries in the world. Mexico has the lowest rate, while America has the highest healthcare spending per person.

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