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Get ready to charge EU citizens, NHS told

New rules circulated to hospital managers means EU citizens living in Britain will have to prove they have the right to free NHS care if a no-deal Brexit happens. The NHS has told trusts to be prepared to charge EU citizens for previously free treatment immediately, the day after we exit.

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Suicidal patients too scared to discuss issues with doctors

Research has revealed that nearly half of patients wouldn’t tell their doctor if they were depressed, suicidal or suffering from sexual or domestic abuse. More than 70% of poll responses (4,500) said that they feared embarrassment, judgment or being lectured.

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Air pollution in cities as bad as smoking 20 cigarettes a day

Scientists suggest that poor air quality in cities increases your chance of developing emphysema by the same amount as smoking a pack of cigarettes a day for 29 years.

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Men are just as good at multitasking as women

It turns out, men are equally as good at multitasking as women are. New research has suggested that gender makes no difference in a person’s capability to multitask. This follows previous research that suggested people were convinced that women were better at this than men.

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