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Recently I came down with a dreaded gastrointestinal virus. I’m not one for contracting virus’ normally as I thought my immune health was strong. Turns out I was wrong. I know I haven’t been looking after my health as much recently, and as a result my immune system has taken a bit of a knock lately.


With all my NT knowledge and experience, as soon as I recognised the symptoms, I immediately ramped up some positive changes to begin reversing the symptoms and rebuilding my immune system again.


Here’s what I did immediately which began to reduce my symptoms and make me feel better:

? Reduced stress to eliminate any toxicity and negativity from my body.

? Implemented rest, and returned to 8 hours sleep a night to give my body the best chance to recover fully.

? Added lemon and ginger water to my day to cleanse and boost my immune system.

? Started on high fibre diet to cleanse my digestive system.


Symptoms of low immunity I experienced:

~ Fatigue

~ Brain fog

~ Slow digestion

~ Muscle aches and pains

~ Symptoms of cold and flu (before the symptoms of virus).


Recognising your symptoms and revising your habits quickly, will allow your body to return to better health so you can live a happier life.


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