Sleep well, live happy – something not enough of us are doing.

Sleep has become a big topic of conversation in recent years, largely because too few of us are getting enough of it. Countless magazines and blogs talk about sleep hygiene and yet us Brits are suffering from an epidemic of sleeplessness – sleeping on average just 6.8 hours a night. 

Insomnia is a particular problem for menopausal women, as the results of talkhealth’s recent MyMenopause support programme survey found. After hot flushes and night sweats, sleeping trouble is the third most common symptom and one of the most difficult to deal with.

So why not come down to see us at this year’s Sleep Show?

talkhealth will be returning to the Sleep Show in March to learn more about the latest in sleep health and innovation. So many members of our community are concerned about their sleep hygiene, which is why our mysleep support programme is one of our most popular.

The show offers a unique opportunity to learn more about the science behind sleeping well and how our lifestyles can aid or disrupt that. 

Hop from live talks to clinics and practice sessions led by over 100 experts, including sleep scientists, healthcare professionals, therapists and authors.

Try out soothing products, practice habits and mantras guaranteed to help you drift off sooner. Get answers to questions you’ve always wondered about; is ‘beauty sleep’ really a thing? Does pre-bed yoga really help you drift off sooner? What causes insomnia?

But The Sleep Show isn’t just a show for stressed-out adults. Mindful Minis provides a space for exploring sleep and mindfulness for happy, healthy children – in turn helping parents find the key to maintaining their own equilibrium. 

We’ll be at stall E12 with a tonne of information about our mysleep support programme (which already has over 2,000 subscribers). Make sure you swing by to pick up one of our 250 goody bags which will be brimming with samples to help you drift off to the perfect night’s sleep.



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