People who grow up in areas with poor air quality are more likely to develop depression and bipolar disorder in later life, a new study has suggested.

Analysis of health data from millions of patients found a “significant link” between mental health disorders and exposure to air pollution, especially in childhood.

The research, based on population data from the US and Denmark, is the latest in a number of studies to link air quality to ill health. View science here

Also leading UK scientist and world authority on aluminium, Professor Cristopher Exley, supports this view in this video: Click here to view


Rex Garratt

Rex Garratt, retired journalist and PR, founder of, home of Acilis by Spritzer artesian silicawater, inspired by UK scientists who discovered its unique natural power to safely remove neurotoxic aluminium from the body and brain. Certified as a Not-for-Profit Social Enterprise offering free samples and discounts to support groups impacted by neurological conditions.

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