You don’t need a garden to create an urban oasis

Every week, we’re sharing your recommendations for how best to pass the time during this period of social distancing.

Many thanks to everyone who has filled in our survey already; if you haven’t had a chance yet, please do take five minutes to share your ideas. We’ll get through social isolation/distancing by pulling together as a community and this is a very simple way of keeping each other entertained and connected.

While this week’s theme has been on skin, we’ve decided to switch it up a bit and ask you about the kinds of hobbies you engage in at home.

Lots of you shared your hobbies and here are just a few of our favourites:

Change it up

While my main hobby is sewing, I’ve found I’ve lacked the motivation to work on my current projects. So instead, I’ve been participating in some lettering prompts on Instagram – lettering the phrase or word for the day, and drawing a little picture to go with it (usually cartoon characters).

Get crafty

I discovered book folding art a year ago when I was hit very badly by psoriasis, I always wanted to learn to crochet so I keep searching for videos on YouTube for new ideas.

Look back

My hobby is tracing my family history and piecing together what their lives may have been like using social history. In today’s climate of lockdown, isolation and missing my children, grandchild and extended family, it is even more important to me. In such uncertain times, I want to leave a lasting legacy for future generations. Now is the time to share family stories, write them down, you’ve got the time to do it!

Take your community online

I love singing, My choir obviously cannot meet at the moment but we are trying to do online sessions and evenings where we can have a good old sing! Singing is so good for the soul! It is not the same at all to see friends and family online, and I am struggling, like hundreds of people at the moment, but at least seeing them on the screen and interacting together, and singing together is better than nothing and does help.

Create your own oasis

I don’t have an outdoor garden so mine is on my living room windowsill. My husband built an area for all my plants and it’s so pleasant. Not many people can say they’re growing aloe vera, Swiss chard, passionflower in their living room!

Get some vitamin N

I love gardening and luckily now is the time to get out in the garden. It’s great therapy, I can forget about everything else and admire nature and wildlife around me. Pulling weeds and turning the earth over is a great way to relieve stress and get rid of pent up anger and frustration.

Shake it off

I run, I always have and running has kept me going through some very tough times in the past. Find something you enjoy and stick with it even if it’s hard work initially. Once you master it you’ll reap the benefits.

Learn something new

I love cooking. This self-isolating allows me to have time to try on some new cooking recipes which I never have time to do previously. And doing this with my husband in the house makes him appreciate my cooking even more.



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