Every week, we’re sharing your recommendations for how best to pass the time during this period of social distancing.

Many thanks to everyone who has filled in our survey already; if you haven’t had a chance yet, please do take five minutes to share your ideas. We’ll get through social isolation/distancing by pulling together as a community and this is a very simple way of keeping each other entertained and connected.

While this week’s theme has been on teeth and hair, we’ve decided to switch it up a bit and ask you about how you manage living with a chronic condition.

Lots of you shared your experiences and here are just a few of our favourites:

Stay mindful

The main lesson I have learned with my chronic condition is to take each day as it comes as I never know how I’m going to be on any given day. So, I just concentrate on today. All we have is today. We must all learn to live in the moment.

Listen to your body

I find I need to stick to being very aware of where my cut off point is and don’t push myself past that. I make sure that I stop for breaks regularly, rest and sleep as and when required and don’t continue to push myself on and on which just makes my health issues much worse very quickly.

Be proud of what you’re doing

Do not be afraid to do what you are already doing. Things may be a bit harder, but you can do it, you are doing it and if you need help get online and reach out to anyone that will listen. There are local Facebook groups, your local council, church groups… Someone will point you in the right direction.

Stay active

I find that knitting helps with pain perception. The repetition of stitches almost dulls the mind and at the same time directs focus to the hands rather than to the area of pain. It works well in conjunction with analgesia as it can help deflect breakthrough pain.

Be kind to yourself

My health conditions do get me down a lot. If I start to feel ill or in pain, I will have a sleep or rest my body. You have time to stop what you are doing while at home and listen to your body. Make sure you are eating well, moving, getting some sun exposure and doing crosswords to keep your mind and body active. Try to have some fun in the day – maybe listening to some tunes you like and dancing. No one is watching you can make up some new moves.

Take care of your mind

I suffer from Crohn’s disease which is quite debilitating. During lockdown I am extremely vigilant with my food and again do a lot of meditation to keep healthy. Our brain is directly linked to our gut and if one is mentally good then gut stays healthy automatically.



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