Every week, we’re sharing your recommendations for how best to pass the time during this period of social distancing.

Many thanks to everyone who has filled in our survey already; if you haven’t had a chance yet, please do take five minutes to share your ideas. We’ll get through social isolation/distancing by pulling together as a community and this is a very simple way of keeping each other entertained and connected.

This week’s theme has been well-being and how to look after your mind and body when you’re stuck in isolation.

Lots of you shared tips on how you stay occupied and how to stave off boredom.

Here are just a few of our favourites:

How about some shut-eye?

Sleep! Have a structure like monasteries do with set times for when you will pray, leave a task, have a cup of tea.

Enjoy isolation for what it is

Step back and enjoy the calm then ponder on what you have always wanted to do or learn and haven’t had the time. The time is now!

Brighten up your and everyone else’s day

There are lots of free pages you can print out to colour and stick in your windows – it gives you something to do, is relaxing and will cheer up your neighbours. Write a letter, a text or call a friend or family member – it passes the time and it will improve your mental health and that of the person you make contact with. Get in the kitchen, this will use up some time, you can learn a new skill, it will reduce food waste and you get a tasty meal as a reward at the end of it!

Enjoy the simple things

Get a coffee and people watch out your window. Have the window open if possible. Make a list of stuff you want to do or like doing so when you are bored you just pick off the list. Learn to make jewellery – you can get tasters quite cheaply off the internet. See The Works or Ebay for painting, colouring, weaving, beading etc.

Enjoy free and accessible culture

Keep up to date with all the free entertainment available online: the National Theatre is offering free plays on YouTube every week, the Royal Theatre and Hampstead Theatre are also offering free plays to watch. BBC iPlayer has interesting documentaries and history series and the Metropolitan opera in New York is showing free opera. Also, the Martin Lewis Money Saving Expert page has links to sites like the Open University offering free courses. You need to keep your mind active. Do some spring cleaning. I am currently finishing a drawing I started three months ago and never had the spare time to go back to it.

Appreciate how fortunate we really are

Read “The Diary of Anne Frank” and reflect upon how lucky you are in comparison to her situation (cooped up in a tiny apartment for about two years fearing to make a noise in case of discovery with no TV or devices for entertainment or to keep in touch with others) and stop whingeing.

Remember, we’re giving away a £10 Amazon voucher every week, so get your answers in to be in with a chance of winning! We’ll contact you if you’ve won.

Fill in the survey and help us help our community.



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