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It’s totally normal to feel demotivated and a bit upside down during these times.  There are lots of ways to help get you motivated and back on form again.

Here are my tips for creating good days and lifting myself up from the bad:

  • Get a good nights sleep. Now is the time to take advantage of a slightly later morning.
  • Solidify your morning routine, by starting some healthy habits that will boost your body, mind, & soul ready for the day ahead. I meditate for 20 minutes each morning, I then do some light Qi Gong work to stretch out my muscles & tendons to help energy flow.
    Drink water to wake up your Liver, before you have breakfast or coffee.
  • I eat a light, healthy breakfast with oats & Almond butter to sustain my energy until lunch.
  • Drink detoxing herbal teas, with Ginseng or other Adaptogens that naturally boost your mind and energy.
  • I go for a 45 minute run or walk at lunch time, to clear my mind, release any stress, & to get the blood pumping around my body.
  • Set yourself at least 3 challenges/tasks, you want to complete by the end of the day.
  • Plan in a Zoom call with friends or family.
  • Cook yourself a lovely healthy meal, that will last you a few days.
     Remember, this lockdown won’t last forever.

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