If you’ve ever found yourself in front of the mirror slouching, you’re certainly not alone! Bad posture is one of the most common problems nowadays. From an early age we are constantly told that we should keep our back straight, but many of us find it really hard and our own efforts are frequently not enough to address the problem. A posture bra is an effective tool designed to help you fix or improve your bad posture and build up muscle tone.

Why your posture is not great

To fully understand how to maintain a good posture properly, let’s focus on the things that negatively impact your posture.

  • Poor sitting and standing habits. Sitting and standing in the wrong way can pro-voke a constant state of muscle tension and the resulting discomfort leading to poor posture.
  • Physically demanding job. A lot of jobs require spending long hours on the feet without a break causing a sore back every day.
  • Weak core. The deep core muscles are responsible for keeping our posture in a good and comfortable position.
  • Improper training. Incorrect technique of performing the exercises can lead to bad body posture accompanied by pain and strain.
  • Large breasts. Extra weight on a specific part of you body can lead to deformities.
  • Injuries, or genetic predisposition.

Thus, being caused by poor sitting or incorrect workout, bad posture provokes muscle tension, which may in turn cause neck pain, headaches, lower and upper back pain, and wear-and-tare of your joints. And without taking the necessary steps, you can actually do much more harm to your body health.

Only over time, effort and the right tools can it be corrected.

To maintain good body posture you should always keep in mind how to sit, stand and even walk properly. But bad habits carried out over years seem too hard to break at once.

If you’re looking for an easier solution, a posture bra can be a perfect alternative for you.

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How a posture bra works

A posture bra works by pulling your shoulders back and together, keeping your body in perfect alignment, and maintaining the spine’s natural curvature.

It is designed to assist you in maintaining a good posture for a better effect all day. Thick straps, zigzagged stitching and elastic bands in the back do a great job with supporting the correct posture position and keeping your spine notably straight.

Wearing a posture bra reduces the pressure from your supportive muscles and keeps your shoulders in balance with the upper back.

The benefits of wearing a posture bra

  • Strong upper back support. A posture bra provides core stability and the necessary comfort for the upper back.
  • No muscle fatigue. Wearing a posture bra removes the tightness in your neck, shoulders, and back. It increases your energy level as the muscles are used as they’re intended.
  • Breast weight distribution. One more important feature of a posture bra is the exceptional support for the bust area. The adjustable straps and the elastic backing help with its lifting and shaping.
  • Proper form during workout. A posture bra allows you to maintain a proper body position while exercising, walking, or doing any other physical activities.
  • Wear on a regular basis. You can maintain proper posture during the working hours at the office, while binge watching at home, cooking or checking your social media.
  • Flattering body shape. Getting rid of slumping posture can make you feel extra confident and give your self-esteem a boost.

Maintaining good posture significantly contributes to your overall well-being and body health.

But fixing a bad posture is a long journey. A posture bra is the great tool to help you get started. In addition to it you should include some posture-corrective exercises into your fitness routine to strengthen and activate the postural muscles. Try out yoga, foam rolling, or pilates.

When a posture bra is combined with stretches and core-strengthening exercises you’ll achieve remarkable results. Be consistent, after all, your perfect body posture is at stake.


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