We’re all familiar with those irritating eye issues that flare up from time to time. From conjunctivitis or pink eye to hay fever and dry eye problems, these eye conditions are incredibly frustrating but with a quick trip to the pharmacist they usually clear up within a few days. Another common eye issue you’re probably familiar with is a stye.

Styes are infected oil glands in the eyelids, which when left to progress, form small painful lumps on your lids, causing discomfort, red watery eyes, and an unsightly (pus-filled) pimple(s). Thankfully, you can find the latest stye treatment advice from AllAboutVision via the link, where you can discover how to get rid of your stye quickly with home remedies – you can also read up on what to do to prevent styes from developing again in the future.

If left untreated, or if particularly persistent, styes can hang around causing discomfort and pain. Although a harmless and common condition, you shouldn’t have to suffer longer than necessary with a stye. Reaching out to your doctor is advisable if your stye hasn’t gone within 10-14 days, or if you’re exhibiting any of the following signs:

Your vision is impacted

A stye shouldn’t impact your vision in any way. Your eye will probably be red and watery, and the stye itself filled with yellow pus, but your vision should still be clear and not impeded. If your vision has been impacted, then it’s likely you have developed a chalazion, which is possible if your stye has been left untreated. Chalazions are usually larger than traditional styes and are much harder to the touch. Speak with your doctor as soon as possible if you’re worried about a persistent lump on your eyelid and it’s causing vision issues.

Pain is getting worse

Following home treatments is usually enough to help remove a stye, reduce swelling and discomfort. But if the pain in your stye is gradually increasing, then it could be a sign of infection. Reach out to your doctor as soon as possible for advice.

Your eyelid feels hot

If your eyelid is feeling hot, then it’s likely you have been suffering from blepharitis which has subsequently developed into a stye. It’s important to speak with your family doctor if your eyelid is feeling hot and uncomfortable.

You keep getting styes!

We’re all used to suffering from eye problems now and again, but when you have a repeated problem with styes then it may be time to visit your doctor. As styes are caused by bacteria infecting your glands and eyelash follicles, it could be a case of long-term blepharitis or a blocked gland that needs further treatment. Washing your hands properly and handling your contact lenses correctly will help reduce the likelihood of future styes developing.

And finally, you have a fever or chills

A stye is caused by an infection of the eyelid. Sometimes this infection can spread further and cause more problems. If you start to feel unwell or develop a fever or chills, then you should seek help from a doctor immediately. 


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