It’s estimated that 1 in 2 of us will be affected by a urological condition at some point in our lives. Whether it’s prostate cancer, kidney stones, incontinence or UTIs, men and women are very likely to experience a problem with their urology health. 

That’s why The Urology Foundation are spearheading a month-long campaign to increase awareness of urology and breakdown the stigma that currently comes with urological conditions. They are encouraging everyone to actively take care of their urology health by raising money to fund research and widen understanding of these conditions. 

At talkhealth, we are always doing our bit to encourage better awareness of urology health through webinars, virtual coffee mornings and articles. This Urology Awareness Month, we have compiled a list of some of our best urology-related resources for you to learn from and share with those who need them: 

MS and Self-Catheterisation with Coloplast

MS and self catheterisation

Around 75% of people with MS experience issues with their bladder, particularly when it comes to storing and emptying their wee. Coloplast, a company dedicated to providing leading intimate healthcare solutions for people with conditions spanning ostomy, continence and urology not only create innovative, gold-standard care products but also work to educate their customers through direct contact with HCPs.

In this webinar Susan Daly, MS and bladder nurse specialist from Coloplast, shares how MS affects the bladder, the importance of managing your bladder health and the benefits of why you are using ISC. She also gives advice about how to stick to a routine that suits your lifestyle.  Before you can watch the video, you have to register to the event! 



Online Clinics 

Our expert clinics allow you to get expert advice from healthcare professionals via an online clinic forum. Even though they only run for a short period of time, we always make sure to do a write up of the best health advice from the event . We have done loads of clinics about different areas of urology in the past! Click on the images below to read the write-ups…

life after prostate surgery clinic kidney matters clinic



Bladder health coffee morning with Bladder Health UK

bladder health coffee morning

Every other Friday at 11am, we invite our members to grab a cuppa and chat with one another about a health topic. In the last session of each month, we invite a medical expert to join the chat and share their expertise. 

January’s medical expert, Karen Powell, was our specialist bladder and bowel nurse from Bladder Health UK. Throughout the zoom meeting, she shared her tips for better continence self-management, approaching specialists and most importantly picking up the phone and admitting that you need help: ‘If you have got a problem, talk to somebody about it. The earlier you can be diagnosed, the quicker we can point you in the direction of the people who can help you.’




This is the talkhealth blog spot, where we post on a wide range of health conditions, topics, issues and concerns. We post when we see something that we believe is of interest to our visitors. Our posts do not reflect any particular view or standpoint of talkhealth, but are merely to raise attention and awareness.

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