In this blog post, a talkhealth guest blogger shares their best advice and knowledge about post-stroke care. They also highlight some of the best clinics for stroke rehabilitation in Germany. Although seeking care in another country may seem tricky, Booking Health does all of the leg work for you. Read on to find out more…

Stroke is a pathological condition characterised by an abrupt disruption of blood circulation in one or more areas of the brain. The degree of tissue traumatisation depends on the duration of oxygen deprivation and the general health condition of the person before a stroke. The extent and nature of brain damage determine the type and duration of the subsequent rehabilitation programs for patients.

How long does it take to recover from a stroke?

There is no unified recovery period after a stroke. The rehabilitation time depends on the size and localisation of the affected brain area, the type of stroke, and the time that has passed from the onset of the disease to the start of specialised care.

Severe hemorrhagic and ischemic strokes with persistent neurological deficits lead to disability due to paralysis and other defects. Partial recovery is possible in 1-2 years. In severe neurological deficits, complete recovery is impossible due to the necrosis of important clusters of brain neurons, the functions of which cannot be taken over by neighboring cells.

Patients need to realise that recovery from any stroke has no “‎official”‎ ending. Short daily treatments will not only help to regain former skills but will also prevent repeated strokes.

How rehabilitation is carried out?

It is important to understand that rehabilitation after stroke should begin as early as possible, from the first days of the disease, when the patient’s condition becomes stable. With local haemorrhages that have not spread to a large area of the brain, the patient’s condition stabilises on the third or fourth day. After that, it’s possible to start rehabilitation.

During the initial period of inpatient rehabilitation, the activities are limited to passive movements, anti-bedsore massage, and breathing exercises. The first stage of rehabilitation may last from several days to several months, depending on the severity of the stroke.

Further, the patient can make some movements but cannot get out of bed by themselves yet. The patient receives passive and physical therapy. Rehabilitation specialists are also engaged in eliminating speech disorders and restoring the patient’s memory. The early rehabilitation stage may last from several weeks to six months.

During the late rehabilitation, active restoration of motor, mental, emotional functions and skills is performed. The patient can already do exercises independently, they try to sit in bed and get out of it. At this stage, activities aimed at the development of fine motor skills play an important role. Rehabilitation also includes medication therapy, work with a speech therapist and psychologist. The late stage of rehabilitation can take from six months to two years.

Best neurological rehabilitation centres

For stroke survivors, timely rehabilitation is the first step on the road to recovery. The maximum clinical effect of rehabilitation is possible only when resorting to the help of experienced professionals.

The essence of stroke recovery is to get rid of or minimise the deficits caused by the pathology by activating the body’s regeneration processes. Some of the best stroke rehabilitation hospitals in Germany are:

  • Neurological Rehabilitation Clinic Godeshone Bonn
  • St. Mauritius Therapieklinik Meerbusch
  • Maternus Rehabilitation Clinic Bad Oeynhausen
  • Rehabilitation Clinic Benedictus Krankenhaus Feldafing
  • Neurological Rehabilitation Clinic RehaNova Cologne

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Treatment during a lockdown with Booking Health

Booking Health can help you start the best possible stroke rehabilitation program in the shortest time. Even with the restrictions of the lockdown regimen, Booking Health helps many patients from different parts of the world to get a medical visa and to organise the whole trip through services the company provides.

Another important aspect of rehabilitation after a stroke is the motivation of the patient. This factor also depends on the external help the patient can get, which would take a certain amount of stress off of the person.

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