There are some risk factors for falling that we can just not do anything about such as age, gender, chronic health problems and heart disease amongst others. However there are some which could be addressed.

Risk Factors for Falling


A taboo subject that many people are embarassed about and yet 3-6 million people over 60 in the UK have urinary incontinence problems. It needs to be talked about, especially as it can be improved, and in some cases, cured. Incontinence can lead to rushing to be bathroom, if this is in the dark at night falls are more likely.

If you do suffer from incontinence then please talk to a nurse at your GP practice or a physiotherapist (if you are in Chichester and able to go private then Funmi Odofin  at the Boxgrove  specialises in this area). There is a NHS Bladder and Bowel Service in West Sussex which is a service of specialist continence nurses who offer individuals with bladder and bowel problems assessment, treatment, advice and support but you will need to be referred by a medical professional.

Pelvic Floor Exercises for Women


Aging can bring adverse health conditions which can lead to taking medicine. Certain medications increase the risk of dizziness, tiredness or drops in blood pressure when you stand up – all of which can increase the risk of falling.  On top of this if you are on four or more medications your risk also increases. You should never alter your medications without talking to your GP, however you should be having a review of your medications yearly and always mention to the GP or pharmacist if you are feeling any of those side effects.

Information about medication reviews


Hate to be the party pooper ageing causes us to lose our tolerance for alcohol due to muscle loss. Lower tolerance means more likely to be unsteady and fall. Whilst the official guidelines state no more than 14 units a week, try and keep your intake to less than 7 units a week to decrease our risk of falling.  A 750ml bottle of red, white or rosé wine (ABV 13.5%) contains 10 units.

Another risk factor of falling is malnutrition. If you don’t get the right nutrients you increase your risk of a fracture if you do fall I will cover this tomorrow.

Next free Falls Prevention Workshop is the 14th October 10-12pm at Bassil Shippam Centre, limited places so place ring 07785 747669 to book your place.

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