We all make changes to our health routines as the seasons change – particularly in the Summer. But what do talkhealth members know about these challenges and how does the shift make them feel?  

We ran a survey earlier this year to find out. The results show: 

  • Only 22% of people wear suncream everyday with 76% of people only wearing it when sunbathing (both at home and on holiday).

  • The majority (49%) of people wear factor 30-50 SPF on their face and body, but a third of people (36%) are unsure what ‘SPF’, ‘UVA’ and ‘UVB’ means. 

  • Only 58% of people check for signs of skin cancer regularly and 39% of people are not confident in knowing what they should be looking for. The survey asked those who have had skin cancer about their symptoms. The majority of respondents cite that they noticed changes to their moles and dry skin: 
    – 40% had rough, dry, scaly skin  
    – 27% had itching moles
    – 17% had crusting moles  
    – 12% had moles that changed colour 

  • When spotting signs of skin cancer, the majority (34%) visited a healthcare professional within two weeks. However, a quarter of people waited for two to four months. 

  • The majority of people (54%) suffer from hay fever in June and July, citing sneezing, itchy eyes, runny nose and watery eyes as the most frequent symptoms. Also, 68% of people have felt conscious that their hay fever symptoms could be mistaken for hay fever symptoms. 

Interested in finding out more about about how your health changes according to the weather? We have loads of great resources here


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