6 Valuable Tips for Choosing a Family Dentist

With multiple factors to consider, finding a dentist who suits your family can be challenging. It is important you select someone who can provide exceptional service and acts for your loved ones’ best interests. Here are six valuable tips to help you during your family dentist search.

Get referrals

 Asking for recommendations from friends and relatives with children is one of the best ways to secure a family dentist. Getting referrals from trusted loved ones can make your search easier and more efficient. Aside from getting personal references, you should also check online reviews of actual patients on reputable third-party review platforms. Look for family dentists with high ratings, and check if they have a record of medical malpractice. Go through their social media platforms and read recent client testimonials.

 Choose an accessible location

Location plays a significant factor when choosing a family dentist. Find a dentist either close to your home or workplace. Ensure the dental clinic is accessible even without a private vehicle and has sufficient parking. If the clinic is situated inside a commercial building, remember to check if there’s an elevator, as going up and down the stairs after a painful dental emergency can be a hassle.

 Find an all-around dentist

To avoid unnecessary dentist switching, it would be best to choose a family dentist who offers comprehensive dental care. Going from one dental practitioner to another can be stressful, especially for kids, so choosing an all-around dentist who can accommodate your family’s dental needs is essential. Check if your potential dentist specializes in multiple dental treatments and is highly skilled in dealing with patients of all ages.

 Consider emergency dental services

Dental emergency services are another priority when searching for a family dentist. Since emergency cases often occur, especially to young children, make sure your potential dentist has property emergency dental care measures in place. Ask your preferred family dentist how they respond to dental emergencies since most cases happen after regular business hours.

Visit the clinic

While online research is integral to your family dentist search, it is still vital you visit the dental clinic in person. Ask if you can tour their facilities or do a trial session. Check if their waiting rooms and other communal areas are clean and comfortable enough for your entire family. Inspect if their equipment and medical linen are properly handled and well-maintained. Some dental clinics employ a medical linen service to ensure they can deliver quality patient care. 

 Assess the working environment

During your clinic visit, make sure to evaluate the overall working environment. Are the staff friendly or intimidating? Do they respond to your inquiries right away and respectfully? Do they have proper safety protocols? Since most children are wary of dental visits, it would be best to choose a dental facility with child-friendly amenities. Your potential dentist’s clinic should exude a positive and healthy atmosphere to all your family members.

Above all else, make sure your potential family dentist is professional, compassionate, patient, and has a great connection with your family.


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