Are you feeling rather drowned and overwhelmed by all the health and wellbeing information that January threw at us? 🤷‍♀️

Would you just like to know the number 1⃣ thing you can do to improve your health? With the added bonus of it being free?

🚶 Go for a walk.

This works for most people, no matter their age.

Not only is walking free but the graph shows the steep gradient shows the HUGE health benefit of the first 7,000ish steps you do per day. 7000 steps might seem a lot if you have health issues limiting your mobility BUT if all you do is increase your steps a little this still has incredible benefits to your health.

You get the double the benefits from your first 5,000 steps compared to your next 5,000.

Whilst in an ideal world you would go outside for a walk the body (apart from the vitamin D ☀ and mental health aspect) doesn’t really care where you are walking.

You could do 5000 steps walking around your house🏠 and you would see the same health benefits.

You could listen to your favourite radio programme whilst walking in circles in your kitchen and still get the same health benefits (if you don’t get dizzy first).

You can do laps of your garden, or go down to the end of the street and back.

This amazing, simple, free exercise that all ages and abilities can do

📌Lowers blood pressure
📌Increases energy levels
📌Improves sleep
📌Strengthens bones and muscles

AND if you can get outside you get to experience the amazing seasonal changes that we have in the UK (at the moment snowdrops are poking their heads up around Havenstoke Park).

You don’t have to get the 5,000 steps in today, you don’t have to get them all done at once, you just have to get a few more in than yesterday.

If you would like some company whilst walking come and join us on the free walk every Monday 2:45pm (meeting at The Pavilion, Graylingwell). The walk will be followed by a cup of tea & chat at the Coffee Spot 🍵 . Mobility aids, walking poles, all welcome! For more information call 07785 747669

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Having worked in IT in London for 15 years I was made redundant in 2009. I had trained as a gym instructor whilst working and decided I would rather spend the rest of my career doing something I loved than look for another job in IT. I furthered my qualifications with a Certificate in Advanced Personal Training from the highly regarded Premier Training. Many personal trainers are generalists covering all areas of fitness but I took the decision to specialise in the over-50s and therefore went on to do a CYQ Award in Functional Training for the Independent Older Adult Level 3. My focus is on overall health rather than fitness. I believe that making small changes can have a long term positive effect on health and well-being.

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