The seemingly simple act of standing on one leg has emerged as a powerful indicator of overall well-being. Recent research suggests that practising standing on one leg can contribute to fitness and, potentially, a longer lifespan.

The ability to stand on one leg is linked to increased levels of physical activity, a decreased risk of falls, and is associated with both the quality and length of life.

Data reveals that the time people can stand on one leg changes with age. An inability to meet target times for specific age groups can serve as a red flag for health problems. The human body, inherently unstable when standing upright, relies on the nervous system to integrate information from various balance senses, engaging muscles to maintain posture. Physical activity emerges as a key factor in maintaining good balance, offering broad physical, psychological, and social benefits.

Standing on one leg, or engaging in hopping exercises, can significantly enhance balance. This practice becomes especially relevant with advancing age, as common conditions, increase the risk of falls and fractures.

Should everyone start standing on one leg?

The answer is a resounding yes.

Regardless of age, improvements in balance are achievable through exercises, even for those with neurological conditions. In a society where falls among older adults are prevalent addressing balance issues becomes paramount.

Practical steps involve testing one’s own balance by attempting simple balance exercises. Gradually progressing to more challenging activities, such as standing on one leg with closed eyes. The latter, although initially challenging, contributes to long-term balance improvement and reduces the risk of falling.

For the over 70s, there’s also evidence to show standing on each leg for one minute three times a day can help improve hip bone mineral density. Stronger hip bone mineral density means if you do fall you are less likely to fracture.

A variety of balance exercises are practiced in the Strength and Balance Classes run in Chichester, including standing on one leg!  If you are ready to improve your balance then contact me  to find out how I can help.


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Having worked in IT in London for 15 years I was made redundant in 2009. I had trained as a gym instructor whilst working and decided I would rather spend the rest of my career doing something I loved than look for another job in IT. I furthered my qualifications with a Certificate in Advanced Personal Training from the highly regarded Premier Training. Many personal trainers are generalists covering all areas of fitness but I took the decision to specialise in the over-50s and therefore went on to do a CYQ Award in Functional Training for the Independent Older Adult Level 3. My focus is on overall health rather than fitness. I believe that making small changes can have a long term positive effect on health and well-being.

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