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Dr Sufian Ali is a Medicspot GP based in the West of Scotland, having attended Aberdeen Medical School and completed his GP training in Glasgow. He has enjoyed working in a number of specialities including paediatrics, psychiatry and emergency medicine; while also working in a variety of settings including prisons, remote Scottish islands and Singapore, with Raffles Medical Group. He finds it important to find time to volunteer, he has led and been involved in many volunteer events including national CPR training, mental health workshops, the Special Olympics and medical relief work in developing countries. This varied experience gives him the ability to provide a more holistic and patient centred approach to the care of his patients. He sees medical technology and innovation as the solution to some of the gaps and inefficiencies in primary healthcare provision. He is passionate about using and assisting in the development of digital health to improve patient care.

Dr Sufian Ali

11 Jun

What’s causing your cough?

Medicspot GP Dr Sufian Ali explain what's causing your cough?

Coughing is a natural reflux that helps keep your airways clear. In this post, we’ll be taking a look at some of the common causes of a lingering cough. While having a cough is quite normal and usually nothing to …

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Dr Sufian Ali

17 Jan

Head lice: what you need to know

Head lice made headlines after Labour MP Emma Hardy suggested changes made to NHS guidelines “threatens an epidemic of head lice in our schools” in parliamentary debate at the end of last year. The guidance published by NHS England in …

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