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Jessie Ace is a podcast host, writer, public speaker, and illustrator. She’s the founder of the chronic illness podcast ‘DISabled to ENabled’ where she interviews everyone from celebrities to patient advocates and charities, founder of the empowering ENabled Warrior tribe, and her blog where she shares tips and advice for living your best life with chronic illness. She’s worked with the National MS Society, MS Trust, MS Society,, and MS-UK and been featured on CNN, Huffington Post, Yahoo, and The Mighty among others. She provides help and advice for people living with chronic health conditions after her own experiences of being diagnosed with MS aged just 22-years-old. She’s on a mission to fill the internet with positivity after her doctor told her to ‘go home and google’ her condition finding every scary story going. Jessie is the author of the ENabled Warrior Symptom Tracker book which helps you manage multiple conditions, medications, spot symptom patterns, prioritize your energy, achieve your goals, and accurately keep symptom records for your doctor.

Jessie Ace

14 Oct

My MS diagnosis

My diagnosis came as a shock. Within three days, I went from being perfectly healthy to having a lifelong degenerative health condition. I fell apart, especially when I was told to ‘go home and Google it’ to find out what …

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