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I am a 49 year old mum of two girls living in Cambridgeshire. I work as a journalist with Archant Newspapers and before that ran my own contemporary children's nursery photography business for 15 years. The work involved running around after little ones at nurseries, rolling about on the floor and generally getting down to their level in order to capture their day at nursery with natural images for parents to buy. I had to give up my business after having a TVT mesh bladder sling operation to fix stress urinary incontinence as the operation left me unable to run around after the children like I used to. I now run a campaign called Sling The Mesh in order to educate women about the risks of the TVT, TVTO mesh bladder sling operations for incontinence and the mesh surgery for pelvic organ prolapse.


10 Jan

Let’s talk about it!

Tender moment between a mother and her 11 days old newborn baby

I wonder what makes it OK to talk openly about breast health yet we still find it awkward to discuss problems with our downstairs department? We all go a bit embarrassed, give it a silly name and laugh it all …

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