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Hi. My name is Louise and I have Crohn’s Disease. I was diagnosed in 2011 after a short period of time in hospital, but probably suffered in silence for many months before hand. Because of this, my disease never really went into remission. I’ve accepted and tried many different drugs and drug combinations in those first five years but in early 2016 my consultant admitted defeat and referred me to his top colorectal surgeon. I had a right hemicolectomy done in May 2016, which did not work. And after suffering in agony for 3 months, I returned to hospital that August for an emergency subtotal colectomy. I always knew that surgery was my last options whilst all the current medications kept failing for me. It seems I have some bad luck or just a bad ‘batch’ of Crohn’s. Luckily, that surgery saved me; my ileostomy has changed my life and changed me. In so many positive ways I didn’t even dare to consider when I was first diagnosed. My life with IBD is very different to that of what it was before. Whilst I would struggle with urgency, pain and medication side effects, having no colon has improved that aspect of my quality of life. But I have had to cope and learn to live with my stoma. For me, this has been challenging because I still have bouts of flare ups, despite being on a treatment plan for my Crohn’s disease. This month, I undergo my final surgery to make my stoma permanent. Something I am still wrapping my head around. Join me for insights in to IBD life, stoma adventures and the battles with anxiety and depression.

Louise Helen Hunt

13 Mar

What is ‘healthy’ when you’re chronically ill?

It has been almost eight years since I first started feeling unwell. This was a something that niggled me at first but would go on to engulf my life at the ripe age of 22. I’ve written about my diagnosis …

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